June 20, 2018 - SonaR


The steward team for this league has decided to announce a new rule.
We will not tolerate that we have 9 people in a race when 17 said they will join.

So from now on people that don’t report if they can race or not will get a warning. And if they do it a 2nd time = Kicked out from the league!

When people work hard to get a league to work because this is a hobby it is unbelievable unrespectful to not report if you can or can’t join.
Both for the admins and for the fellow drivers who join Because it’s a passion for them as well. So this rule will be active from this moment.

Thx /admin team f1leaguehub

June 20, 2018 - SonaR
Welcome to our new league

Hi, welcome to our new league. Our goal is too have fun and get away with all stupid people in open lobbies. This league is for all people who can race clean and is a passionate f1 fan, A league for all skill levels and ages.  :) 
This is what we offer

  • Clean racing
  • A website 
  • Standings
  • Stewards
  • Interviews
  • And much more  :D                         

So with that said we race at 7:00 pm UK time on Tuesdays every week.  50% race distance and short qualifying. 
We allow all assists except Traction Control, Braking and Pit Assists. 

We both admins hope to see you at the track in F1 league hub!!  ;)