03 Sep


Please let us know if you can race on the attendance page. You will only get an invite for the league race if you have. 

27 Aug


We're moving to Discord, because we're running 2 leagues now. It's easier with making seperated channels for both leagues on the same server. Telegram...

24 Aug

Second League (B) !!

Due to a lot of new applicants and the first league is almost filled, we’ve decided to add a second league (B). This league will be with Tractio...

24 May

Spanish GP R2 S2

The Spanish Grand Prix In The F1 League Hub Edition: This race was full of great racing from L1 to L33 with no in game retirements (but matixx did le...

30 Jan


The time on the races will change from 6.30 pm to 7 pm UK time for the remainder of the season. Hope this is fine with you. otherwise please cont...

19 Dec

new rules

  The steward team for this league has decided to announce a new rule.We will not tolerate that we have 9 people in a race when 17 said they wil...

09 Nov

Welcome to our new league

Hi, welcome to our new league. Our goal is too have fun and get away with all stupid people in open lobbies. This league is for all people who can rac...